About the Club

A Brief History
Kilmacolm Camera Club was formed in September 1952, at the instigation of Peter Connolly and Willie Anderson, who at that time was the General Secretary of the Scottish Photographic Federation. Fourteen members attended the first formally recorded meeting.

At that meeting, some sceptics were heard to say that "these things start off with a great flourish and rapidly fade", but, more than sixty years on, we are still here and are, to coin Peter Connolly's phrase, "the best wee club in Scotland".

Over the last sixty or so years, the Club has seen countless members come and go, as the population of the village fluctuates. It has provided entertainment, education in photography and computer skills, enjoyment and camaraderie for its members and visitors. As changes in photography continue, with the advent of each new technological breakthrough, the Club is determined to build on the work of its predecessors, move with the times and provide its members with up to date facilities and equipment.